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By spearheading pioneering initiatives, Salt Lake City has emerged as a model for sustainable environmental practices, setting the standard for the rest of Utah. The city stands as a national trailblazer in championing and implementing sustainability policies, driven by the vision of ensuring long-term prosperity and well-being. Our commitment is evident, whether through eco-friendly infrastructure like green buildings, walkable neighborhoods, or diverse transit options, reinforcing a sense of environmental responsibility among our community members in their daily lives, work, and recreational activities downtown.

In my capacity as your representative, I am dedicated to maintaining a steadfast collaboration with the knowledgeable and forward-thinking experts within our City's Sustainability Department. I am equally devoted to fostering strong ties with our State representatives, forging connections and discovering common avenues to advance sustainable policies that will yield advantages for both our city and state.


My advocacy will resonate in favor of enhancing building efficiency, curbing carbon emissions, improving air quality, ensuring access to fresh sustenance, safeguarding natural resources, and propelling us toward the ambitious goal of becoming a zero-waste city.

Click here to read more about my concerns for Salt Lake City.

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