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Public Transportation

Building our community is my passion. I started my career in city planning with Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City is a public transit leader for the State given its collaboration with UTA, UDOT, and other stakeholders in expanding public transit options.

My city planning work with these public transportation partners include: 1) the Westside Master Plan; 2) the North Temple Grand Boulevard plan in anticipation of the Airport TRAX line; and 3) the Transit Station Area zoning district implemented along North Temple and 400 South. My city planning work further covered Downtown Salt Lake City with the creation of the mid-block alleyways plan, later implemented in the Downtown Master Plan, as well as the Outdoor Design Dining guidelines for restaurants and bars.

Now as a councilwoman, my city planning work is ongoing and includes a robust public engagement strategy in District 4 and across the city. As your voice at the table, I will make sure that the city continues to invest in more walkable and bikeable roads, and encourage residents to use greener and more efficient forms of travel.

Click here to read more about my concerns for Salt Lake City.

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