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Meet the SLC Fire Department workers who respond beyond fighting fires and medical calls

"A lot of times, “it is not a matter of police intervention,” said Ana Valdemoros, a Salt Lake City Council member whose district includes downtown. “It’s the mental health crisis that we’re seeing and we’re saying it’s serious,” Valdemoros said. “It’s something that we need to address.” Continue reading the story here.

New compromises emerge in push for more granny flats and backyard cottages

At the urging of council member Ana Valdemoros, the council has backed the idea of spending $1 million in financial support to homeowners wanting to build ADUs, in light of a recent steep rise in construction costs. Details on what form that spending takes are still to be sorted out. Continue reading the story here.


How both city and county leaders hope collaboration moves them closer to solving homelessness

"We are all trying to solve issues that are similar in our own lanes," Valdemoros said. "It all came down to leveraging what everybody else is doing and asking for a little bit more to solve a specific problem." Continue reading the story here.


Salt Lake City's 'living room' now 30 — still making an impact downtown

Not only is it where Cupbop originated, but she also credits events hosted at Gallivan Center for helping her open her own business, Argentina's Best Empanadas. "It's become this hub of creativity ... right in the heart of downtown," she said. "I wholeheartedly believe the Gallivan has had a lot of (influence) for this development to happen around it." Continue reading the story here.

This old LDS gymnasium will get new life as affordable housing

Selling some of the town homes to residents is one way to do that, Valdemoros said. Providing a pathway to homeownership “can help lift the neighborhood and diversify the income levels.” She would like the project to “give [residents] a chance to get into the market and start building wealth that way.” Continue reading the story here.

Salt Lake City Council gives early approval to $1 million relief package for businesses affected by coronavirus

“There is a sense of urgency, as I hear businesses in my district [have gone from] selling $2,000 worth of products in a day or so to having sold $100 in the last four or five days,” said Salt Lake City Councilwoman Ana Valdemoros, who is herself a small business owner, in expressing support for the measure. Continue reading the story here.


Salt Lake City launches test of a new park in the center of the street 

"This is what downtown could look like. It’s an idea, it's a conversation starter," Mendenhall said. "It could add as much as 60 acres of park and it would tap into these 132-foot-wide, incredible pathways that we already have for cars." Continue reading the story here.


Salt Lake officials celebrate city's 45,000 Hispanic residents

"Some of us have cleaned dishes or have cooked, but we can also be here as an elected official. We can also open that door and knock on that door and trust that it will be open," Valdemoros said in English and Spanish. "Look at us who are sitting up here. There are opportunities for everyone. Keep including yourself and participating civically." Continue reading the story here.


Historic Salt Lake council majority LGBTQ, people of color

The new minority-majority council comes just two years after the election of the capital city’s first minority member, Ana Valdemoros. Continue reading the story here.


Time for a millennial Latina immigrant on the SLC Council

"About five months ago, Councilwoman Ana Valdemoros took the oath of office as the first Latina in Salt Lake City’s history to become a City Council member. Although 21 well-qualified candidates submitted applications expressing their interests in the position...." Continue reading the story here.


Immigrant from Argentina, local entrepreneur, picked to fill SLC's vacant council seat

"Analia Valdemoros ... got a vote of approval from all six council members ...." Continue reading the story here.


Vivió 13 años en río grande y ahora es concejal en Estados Unidos

"Llegó de Córdoba a Río Grande a los 5 años y terminó la secundaria en la ciudad riograndense. Hoy es concejal del estado de Utah." Continue reading the story here.


Salt Lake 'incubator kitchen' will help local small food businesses get off the ground

"When Ana Valdemoros finished her degree in city planning, she began an internship. But, like many new post-grads, she still needed to find a way to pay the rent. So she put a skill she learned as a child to use, making empanadas and selling them at farmers' markets." Continue reading the story here.


Salt Lake City unveils remodeled culinary incubator kitchen

"Salt Lake City restaurateurs have some new hope after an incubator kitchen opened its doors in the Poplar Grove area. It’s called the Square Kitchen, and it’s been a project eight years in the making. The kitchen is fully furnished to provide space for cooking large meals for cooks, caterers, food truck operators, and young restaurateurs." Continue reading the story here.


Argentina’s Best Empanadas: CLC craft food

"For Ana Valdemoros, food has always been a gateway to adventure. A native of Argentina, Valdemoros developed a fond attachment to the empanada, a savory hand pie that can be stuffed with all manner of tasty fillings. “Empanadas were something that I loved to make for myself and friends,” Valdemoros says." Continue reading story here.


Farmer's Favorites

"America is a national melting pot that celebrates a diverse landscape of cultures and histories. In Utah, we are lucky to share in a rich tapestry of immigrant diversity for all manner of reasons—from the pursuit of education or prosperity to family and safety concerns. This tapestry comes to life every Saturday at the Downtown Farmers Market." Continue reading story here.

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