Unfortunately, homelessness has become a widespread issue in our city, the state, and nationwide. Homelessness and its associated issues have the potential to affect each one of us directly, through our family members, our friends, or our neighbors. Addressing homelessness requires a high degree of compassion from each of us, in particular our community leaders. To address homelessness and its associated issues requires comprehensive collaboration between citizens, public resources, and nonprofit entities throughout the county that are already working hard towards practical solutions.


Salt Lake City leads the State in being part of the solution by approaching this issue holistically, addressing it from core principles and providing necessary resources that include mental health services, addiction treatment, housing assistance, job training and placement. I will continue to support every effort that brings dignity, hope, and progress back to the lives our less fortunate neighbors.


To that end, I launched an apprenticeship program for homeless youth in the food industry and commercial kitchen management through my business, Square Kitchen. This program will provide real world experience and training in an industry that suffers labor shortages, thus addressing two issues.

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