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Homelessness & Mental Health

Homelessness and mental illness have become widespread issues in our city, state, and across the nation. These challenges have a profound impact, affecting each of us through our family, friends, and neighbors. Addressing these issues demands a profound sense of compassion, especially from our community leaders. To effectively tackle homelessness and its associated challenges, it requires a comprehensive collaboration among citizens, public resources, and nonprofit organizations across the county that are diligently working towards practical solutions.


It is evident that while we've dedicated efforts to affordable housing, many of our unsheltered neighbors grapple with stress, anxiety, trauma, and severe mental illnesses that our local municipality alone is ill-equipped to address. Collaborative efforts with the County and State are crucial, as they possess public health authority and resources necessary to confront these pressing concerns we witness on our streets daily. It's imperative that we engage in ongoing conversations to keep this issue at the forefront of our collective focus.


Salt Lake City leads the State by taking a holistic approach to be a part of the solution. Our approach stems from core principles and encompasses essential resources, including mental health services, addiction treatment, housing assistance, and job training and placement. I've initiated and financed innovative "alternative response models" to handle mental health service calls, investing municipality resources. However, through enhanced collaboration with the County, State, and Federal government, we can achieve far greater outcomes. My commitment remains unwavering in supporting every endeavor that restores dignity, instills hope, and propels progress in the lives of our less fortunate neighbors.

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