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Economic Development

District 4 is the heart of the capital city of this great state. Historically, it has served as the core of business and economic development. We must continue to treat Salt Lake as such. To do so, we must capitalize on all investment opportunities that are presented to the City or that we can create.


Too many lucrative opportunities have recently passed on Salt Lake City. It should be a lot easier to do business in our City. It is possible to maintain our current standards while at the same time enticing individuals and businesses to develop in Salt Lake through an easier and more streamlined permitting and licensing process.

As a small business owner, I understand the struggles and frustrations of city processes and procedures involved in starting a business in Salt Lake City. More importantly, as a former city staff member and now as a councilwoman, I see plenty of opportunity to streamline the process. I understand that through collaborative efforts with city departments we can better use all of our resources to work towards a common goal of increased economic development.

Furthermore, we need to continue partnering with responsible developers while applying better accountability policies  to help our Downtown grow in a sustainable way.

I welcome all those that want to do business in our district and will continue to support the great work already done by the Salt Lake Chamber, Downtown Alliance, and all the large and small businesses that work tirelessly to provide an exciting, vibrant, competitive, and prosperous Downtown.

Click here to read more about my concerns for Salt Lake City.

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