Salt Lake City has become a sanctuary for diversity. One third of the City’s residents are now non-caucasian. 25% of the City’s population is now Latinx. The Salt Lake City Council demonstrated their commitment to diversity by unanimously appointing me this last January to be a voice for this community.  

As a Latina immigrant in a leadership role, I now have the opportunity to encourage other minority residents of our city to become civically engaged in our community, which is vitally important to advance our city. As a council member, I have connected the Council with diverse groups to improve the Council’s dialogue, education, growth, and community participation in the civic process.

It is very important to me to be a bridge to connect all of the residents of Salt Lake City regardless of skin color, accent, gender, or walk of life. United we are stronger. I will continue to work towards a city where everyone can find a home, grow a business, and raise a family.

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