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Salt Lake City has blossomed into a haven of diversity, embracing a rich tapestry of cultures and backgrounds. With a significant one-third of our city's residents identifying as non-Caucasian and a notable 25% comprising the Latinx community, our collective identity is a reflection of the vibrant mosaic that makes up our city's heart and soul. This commitment to diversity was tangibly demonstrated when I was unanimously appointed by the Salt Lake City Council and then elected as the first non-Caucasian member of the Salt Lake City Council, solidifying my role as a representative and advocate for this diverse community.

As an immigrant of Latina heritage occupying a leadership position, I am honored to leverage my platform to inspire fellow minority residents of our city to actively participate in our civic life—an endeavor crucial for propelling our city's progress. In my capacity as a council member, I've fostered connections between the Council and a wide array of diverse groups, enhancing the quality of dialogues, fostering education, promoting growth, and encouraging active community engagement in the democratic process.

Being a unifying bridge that transcends skin color, accent, gender, sexual orientation, or life's journey is deeply meaningful to me. I firmly believe that our strength lies in our unity. It remains my steadfast commitment to continue striving for a city where every individual can discover a place to call home, nurture their entrepreneurial dreams, and raise their families in an environment of inclusivity and opportunity.

Click here to read more about my concerns for Salt Lake City.

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