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Specifically Educated. Decades of Experience. Unwavering Dedication.


With a bachelor's degree in urban planning and a master's in city and metropolitan planning, I have been dedicated to building our community in Salt Lake City throughout my career. Whether as an employee of the city, working for a non-profit community building organization, or as a business owner, I have utilized my vast education and experience to build our city over the last 23 years.


Advocating for Vibrant Communities:

  • I am proud to have secured $15 million in funding for Pioneer and other District 4 parks, transforming our green spaces into vibrant recreational areas for all to enjoy. I have also secured over $18 million to reclaim and reimagine Pioneer, Taufer, and Richmond Parks.

  • I helped small business incubation, especially in the food industry, to outgrow the incubation period and open new businesses in Salt Lake City.


Supporting Local Businesses:

  • At the start of the pandemic, before any Federal government financial aid, I allocated $1 million to be distributed to small businesses. Through the pandemic, I distributed another $2 million in financial aid from the Federal government.

  • I loosened regulations and waived fees for outdoor dining and closed Main Street to incentivize safe gatherings and bring more customers to downtown businesses during the pandemic. We also funded businesses to help pay for outdoor dining equipment.


Addressing Housing Crisis and Homelessness:

  • I advocated for over $20 million in affordable housing investments, the most in the state. I also championed naturally occurring affordable housing programs, preserving neighborhood character and ensuring reasonable rents. Moreover, as Chair of the Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency, investing in family-sized housing development remains a top priority, nurturing thriving neighborhoods.

  • I changed the heights in Downtown zoning districts to allow for taller buildings, concentrating more residents closer to mass transit.

  • I approved rezones in areas close to mass transit and appropriate for density while also saying no to rezones that would have destroyed existing housing stock and displaced affordable housing units without similar relocation options for residents.

  • I removed conditions for Accessory Dwelling Units to be built while securing financial $2+ million to help neighbors access zero or low-interest funding to afford them.

  • I changed policies for the type of housing the Council will invest in, incentivizing family-sized housing and affordable homeownership.

  • I will continue to advocate for more families to choose downtown to live and provide walking distance daycare facilities for residents and workers alike.


Ensuring Public Safety:

  • I added a police officer to act as a business liaison in downtown SLC.

  • I re-instated yearly random City Departmental Audits to find deficiencies and update roles in departments.


Compassionate Response to Mental Health and Addiction:

  • Created the CHAT (Community Health Access team) composed of one licensed clinical worker, one social worker, and one social services worker to respond to service calls that require more than a firefighter or an EMT professional. In less than a year, it has saved over 100 police calls.

  • Successfully asked the County to approve $2.5 million for a temporary receiving center for aggressive individuals with mental illness to be taken to a receiving center rather than jail or an emergency room to get the professional medical services they need.

  • Secured funding from the State for two 6-police officer squads to patrol and help the sheltered and unsheltered stay safe around the HRC neighborhoods, housed inside the shelter, to keep peace and drug dealers and predators out of our neighborhoods.

  • Funded additional yellow shirt ambassadors to frequent businesses and residents in the downtown to maintain order and cleanliness (cleaning is new).

  • Set aside $500,000 for safe outdoor space for the unsheltered to live in a more dignified way with bathrooms and a more secure area.

  • Tirelessly advocate with the County, State, and Federal government, including our Utah Senators and Congressman, about the utmost importance of investing in mental health services, as mental illness and drug abuse are major issues affecting many of our sheltered and unsheltered neighbors.

  • Along with the Central City Community Council, I reclaimed Taufer Park as a safe place for residents. We replanted, repainted, and remulched the park, securing private funding and labor to get this done.


My record is clear, and I am extremely proud to stand behind it. As a leader with a passion for our city, I have always sought the middle ground, bringing people together to achieve common goals. With your support, I will continue working tirelessly to earn your trust and continue serving as your dedicated representative.


As November approaches, I humbly ask for your vote and support. Together, let's shape the future of our community and build a thriving Salt Lake City. Thank you for your trust and belief in our vision.

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