Affordable Housing

We have seen unprecedented growth in Salt Lake City over the last 10 years, both in our population and our economy. While this growth is welcomed, some of the growing pains are not. For instance, the construction of affordable homes have not kept up with the demand. The City Council must do more to address this.

Salt Lake City leads the State in the number of low income housing units built. While this is an admirable accomplishment which provides housing to many people that would otherwise be forced to leave the City and should continue, we must also not forget the higher wage earners. To do so, the Council must place emphasis on the creation of housing units that are affordable for residents of all income levels of our city.

Although there are nationwide factors that contribute to this affordability issue, the City Council must work on policies that will ensure equitable housing opportunities and promote long-term housing market stability for all. If not addressed, rents and housing prices will continue to rise, creating even more of a housing crisis, pricing our residents out of our district.

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