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About Me

Ana Valdemoros

Specifically Educated. Decades of Experience. Unwavering Dedication.

I love Salt Lake City! I cherish becoming a part of our city's vibrant community over the past 23 years since I arrived from Argentina. My unwavering passion has been dedicated to shaping and strengthening our community from the ground up. Embarking on my journey in city planning alongside Salt Lake City has been both fulfilling and transformative.


My professional career began with pivotal roles in crafting master plans and spearheading various projects. Notably, I contributed to the realization of the Westside Master Plan and the North Temple Grand Boulevard plan in anticipation of the Airport TRAX line's opening in 2011. My team was instrumental in the inception of the Transit Station Area zoning district along North Temple, which was later extended to 400 South.


Venturing further, my endeavors encompassed Downtown Salt Lake City. I played a pivotal role in devising the mid-block alleyways plan, an innovative concept that became a cornerstone of the Downtown Master Plan. My contributions also extended to establishing Outdoor Design Dining guidelines, enhancing the restaurant and bar scene. Transitioning to NeighborWorks Salt Lake, a non-profit organization, I collaborated closely with the River District Chamber, Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency, and local businesses. My influence reached even broader as an ex-officio member of the Salt Lake City's Business Advisory Board and the Food Policy Task Force within the Sustainability Department.


During my early post-college years while working with the City, I spent summers selling empanadas at the Downtown Farmer's Market. The success of this venture paved the way for the establishment of "Argentina's Best Empanadas" in July 2016. Nestled within the heart of Downtown Salt Lake City, this venture specializes in traditional Argentinean empanadas crafted from locally-sourced, sustainable ingredients.


Leveraging my involvement in the food industry, I co-founded Square Kitchen, a culinary incubator kitchen that opened its doors in Spring 2018. At Square Kitchen, we provide accessible commercial cooking spaces, fostering opportunities for fellow food entrepreneurs. This initiative aligns with my commitment to support local businesses and budding entrepreneurs by mitigating startup costs and challenges.


My life took an unexpected turn when I was unanimously selected by the City Council in January 2019 to complete the term of former Council Member Derek Kitchen, who transitioned to the role of a Utah State Senator. Armed with city planning expertise and a deep appreciation for small enterprises, I proudly represent District Four as a Council Member.


As I strive to retain the District Four seat, I believe that multifaceted decisions require diverse perspectives to ensure fairness and balance across our city. Drawing from my expertise in city planning, small business advocacy, and sustainability, I'm committed to a brighter future for generations to come. I'm not just a bystander; I'm a proactive participant, working relentlessly to find pragmatic solutions. In solidarity with my peers, city professionals, and District Four citizens, I am dedicated to the myriad issues shaping our city's future.


I possess the professional acumen and experience to champion the needs of District Four residents within the City Council. An advocate who understands and values the contributions of various citizen groups, I am poised to facilitate consensus-building and mediation among diverse factions, both within District Four and citywide.


When I'm not busy at the City and County Building, out in the community, campaigning, or running either one of my businesses, you can find me happily spending time with my husband and our amazing children.


I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me a little better. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I hope that I can count on your vote later this year.


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